Baiyear is a large and medium-sized comprehensive processing factory in China focusing on mould design and R&D, injection moulding, metal box production, metal parts production, etc. We partner with JADE BIRD FIRE, Jiuyuan Intelligence, Maple Armor, VitalSafety, SCICNCC, CHINT GROUP, SIEMENS, DELIXI, TENGEN, Huanyu Group, etc. Among them, we have cooperated with Jade Bird Fire for ten years, and Jade Bird Fire has become an Our long-term partner; we also have a strategic partnership with Siemens.
Plastic Products Consulting Services

If you are interested in plastic products or plastic parts, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with professional plastic product consulting services. If your needs match the production of our factory, we promise to provide you with the most competitive products and prices. Please give us a chance to get to know each other.

Plastic Products Mould Design and Fabrication Services

Our factory has nearly 30 sets of mould R&D equipment and 8 R&D teams. They have a lot of successful experiences, such as helping the JADE BIRD FIRE Co., Ltd. design a lot of plastic parts for firefighting supplies, which has the most decisive competitive advantage in the market. JADE BIRD FIRE Co., Ltd. has also worked with us for ten years. If you have plastic mould design requirements, please provide us with drawings or pictures. There are ten technical teams in our engineering department. They will analyze your drawings and give you a satisfying plastic mould shape. Our mould R&D team will design and make moulds as quickly as possible until you are satisfied.


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Plastic products Injection Processing Services

Our factory has 80 injection moulding machines, 8 crushing and recycling machines, 18 pad printing equipment, 19 automatic assembly machines, 16 raw material dryers, 23 experimental quality testing equipment, etc. All of our equipment has been classified and registered. These advanced types of equipment can meet the production of various plastic products according to your needs. There are optional raw materials, colours, production quality requirements, etc. We can guarantee to provide you with the best price and high-quality products, with a strict quality inspection process. The quality department is a 12-person division to test product quality differently. A team of 4 people in the laboratory conducts mass production in the early, middle, and late stages of mass production. The experimental work ensures that all aspects of the product meet high standards, and you will get the best quality product.

Manufacturing Metal Box Services

Our factory has 12 sets of metal box-making equipment with different functions, such as cutting and bending machine, CNC tower punching machine, CNC shearing machine, laser cutting machine, etc., which can meet the production of various metal boxes, such as explosion-proof boxes, meter box, etc. We have 20 welders and can make non-welded metal boxes, etc. If you need custom metal boxes, please contact us in time; we will not disappoint you and will surprise you.

Bending Equipment

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Excellent after-sales service

Customers who have cooperated with us will be delighted with our services, such as Siemens, because we have provided Siemens with efficient and excellent services, and they have reached a strategic partnership with us. Why is our service excellent? Because we absorb customers' suggestions, constantly learn exceptional service cases, and continuously improve, we provide customers with a relaxed and pleasant purchasing environment. If there is any quality problem with our products, we accept the buyer's return, take responsibility, and finally give the customer a satisfactory solution. Customers will continue cooperating with us if they cooperate with us. Every objection will become the source of our innovation, and we also hope to create a better future with more customers.

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