New strategic partner in 2022: Siemens

In May 2022, because the R&D capability of the old supplier could not meet the current market demand of Siemens, Siemens will replace the supplier. Our factory, Baiyear, can provide Siemens with a strong R&D team, a strict quality control system, and excellent service support. The most competitive products, from price, quality, innovation and service, we can do better, and with the development of the times, continuous innovation and improvement, only better, not the best.

Siemens inspected our factory for a month, and they inspected the factory through video calls at any time. From production equipment, R&D equipment, quality control equipment, and experimental testing equipment, to the factory R&D team, production team, plant floor area, etc., Siemens reviewed the qualification of our factory and finally chose Baiyear as the partner, Siemens has provided us with drawings of various products. After one month's research, our Engineering Department and Mold Research and Development Department have finally determined the product model. At present, under the inspection of the quality control team, these Siemens products are in the stage of mass production. At the same time, Siemens has also reached a long-term strategic partnership with Baiyear.

High-quality customer who has established cooperation with us for ten years: Jade Bird Fire Co., Ltd.
In 2011, Jade Bird Fire Company was looking for a supplier with high-cost performance, perfect service, and strict quality control. In the selection of more than 30 suppliers across the country, Baiyear has strict quality control, excellent service, and super attractive price. The three key advantages stand out among many competitors. Jade Bird Fire finally chose to cooperate with us. We have become a high-quality supplier of Jade Bird Fire Company for ten years. At present, we still cooperate with Jade Bird Fire Co., Ltd.

Guided by the needs of customers, we provide them with the most valuable production services, from mold design, and mold adjustment, sample testing, and finally to mass production, quality control during production, factory inspection, and established efficient communication way to give customers a high-quality, low-cost, efficient production cycle.
After ten years of cooperation with Jade Bird Fire Protection Company, Jade Bird Fire Protection products are becoming more and more competitive in the market.

We continue to innovate and improve together so that the market share of Jade Bird Fire Supplies in China is getting higher and higher. At present, In the domestic market is the dominant position, we mutually achieve each other, and truly achieve a win-win situation.



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